Newest Volume

After a few years of being in a near dormant state RISS hasfinally got a new editorial staff and has awoken from the slumber. It’s with great pleasure that I now present the first webbased edition of RISS with and entirelly new staff.
Just in time for the holidays.

Best wishes and happy reading.

Anja H. Svingen, Editor

RISS Vol.1 2016 contains the following articles:
“Sven Nilson – Theologian, Zoologist and Archeologist” by Nils Anfinset
Language: Norwegian
“Pyramids and Subterranean Passages: Archeological Observations from the Tunnel Under the Feathered Serpent Pyramid, Teotihuacan, Mexico” by Kasper Wrem Anderson
Language: Danish
“Images in Ritual Landscapes” by Audun Strøm Bakke
Language: Norwegian
“The end of the Norse Settlement at Greenland” by Mona Karin Boge
Language: Norwegian

RISS Vol. 1 2016 can be found here