Author guide

Author Guide

Articles to RISS should be delivered by email to the editorial staff by the announced deadline ( Copyright to the article are shared between the author and RISS. RISS has the editorial responsibility, whereas the author is responsible for personal utterances.

Articles can be written in any of the Scandinavian languages or English, and should be approximately 2000 words (about four to six pages). The text should have sub headlines and font size 12 with 1.5-line spacing. The text should be single column and not double. We prefer if you don’t submit the text in a PDF, preferred formats are the following; .doc, .docx, .odt, .rtf, .txt (any easily editable format will suffice). Image/illustrations should be in a separate file with notes on where to put them in the text. They should be of as good of a resolution that you can manage and be numbered / have precise illustration text. Illustration text and name are to be listed at the end of the document.

RISS is a popular scientific journal and will be stylized as such. The manuscript should preferably not have a usual bibliography, but one who recommends further reading and specialization in the subject you are writing about. Unless you use direct quotations, it is not necessary to put references in the text.

The manuscript must contain the author’s name and title.

The editorial staff retains the right to final proofreading before publication.

Deadline for spring 2017: March 1st. 2017