Author guide

RISS – an archaeological journal, will initiate a new semester with the theme “Identity”. The identity of past individuals and their experiences of everyday life engages many students and is a topic of interest for several archaeologists today. 

Identity is a vast topic and can be understood in many ways. RISS seeks contributions concerning gender identities, sexuality, ethnicity, religious affiliations, group identities and other aspects that may have been a part of prehistoric identities. The editorial board is interested in contributions that illuminate individuals of the past and enlighten how various expressions of identity are reflected in the archaeological material. How are understandings of past identities created and maintained by archaeologists? How can we attempt to correct past mistakes and open to more interpretation possibilities of identity within theoretical and methodological practices in archaeology? Who decides how we consider past identities? What can we say, and what can we not speak about the individuals of the past and are there any limits to how far one can conclude? RISS seeks texts that examine past identities, and discussions of identities as archaeologists are also welcome, such as what does it mean to be an archaeologist and what identities are linked to this title? As usual, the topic is open to interpretation!

Contributions from all time periods, places in the world and research areas are welcome. We accept academic articles, essays, adapted assignments, interviews, illustrations, photos, book and film reviews, and fiction texts from students, professionals and other interested parties. If you would like to contribute to the next issue of RISS, send us your proposal by April 15th, 2023, to

Guidelines for contributions:

Languages: Scandinavian or English.

Name and Title: Title of your contribution. Author’s name, title and place of work.

Length, text size and line spacing: Maximum 3000 words, font size 12 and line spacing 1,5.

Images/Illustrations/Figures: Open Access, high resolution, numbered figures, name of photographer/author.

References and bibliography: References and bibliography are not necessary. Do include an abstract and a literature list for further reading. 

Direct quotes: Mark with “ and ” or in cursive without quotation marks if quotes exceed three lines. Direct quotes must be referenced. 

Contact: Contributions, drafts or questions can be sent to Follow our accounts on Facebook /RISSUiB and Instagram @riss_uib and visit our website for more information.