Grafisk formgivning: Edvind Kjærstad

We in the editorial office are delighted to be able to invite you to the release party for No. 6 “Hjem”!

There is something almost universal about the concept of “home”. Everyone has a home, even if you don’t necessarily have a house. Everyone knows what a home is, even though a home can be so many things and take so many different forms. We shape our homes, which in turn shape us into who we are. Maybe that’s why “home” is such a charged concept as it is? Because your home, for better or for worse,  is a part of you. The same applies to the relationship individuals of the past have had with their homes. Therefore, the theme of “home” is very important and relevant within archaeology.

The release party will be at Café Opera on May 29th.

At 19:00

The event is also on Facebook:

The editorial staff of RISS