Next edition

RISS – an archaeological journal, run by archaeology students at the University of Bergen,  Norway, invites you to contribute to our next edition, which is due to be published in May 2022.  The theme for our next edition is «Dark Chapters». 

This is a very broad theme, open for a variety of interpretations related to archaeological  research. On the one hand, it covers periods of time and problems that can be characterized as  ‘dark’, such as decline, natural disasters, war, slavery and oppression, or, as we have all  experienced for nearly two years, disease, plagues and epidemics/pandemics. On the other  hand, it can be interpreted in a more figurative manner, as something ‘dark’ can also mean  something ‘unknown’. Archaeology, in itself, can be defined as the study of the dark and the  unknown, in that the past can seldom be fully understood, especially from a modern perspective.  Therefore, we would like to explore periods and themes we do not know that much about  compared to other periods of time and themes in archaeology. Within this scope are also research questions that regard how we acquire archaeological knowledge, or problems related  to this. For example, why do we know more about certain themes, periods, places and cultures  than others? And,more importantly, how can we change this? 

In the next edition of RISS, we would like to explore such a broad understanding of  «Dark Chapters». Contributions from all periods of time, places in the world and research areas  are welcome. We accept articles, essays, illustrations, book and film reviews, and fictional  works from both students and professionals. If you wish to contribute to the next edition of  RISS, please submit your contribution by April 2nd 2022 to